This is my final for Exploring Computer Science. This is the website which I have worked on extensively, for the past few days, but have started from a week or more ago. Much research was done to plan and complete this project. I hope it is an enjoyable and satisfying work.
-angel garcia
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Exploring Computer Science is a class dedicated to just that; the class explores the nature of computers, and the science of how they function, and how one can go about programming one to do what one may please. This usually manifests itself in website building, AI training, and generally learning how to code using languages such as javascript. This website is heavily reliant on both html and css to style its content, as I saw javascript to be rather redundant for my objective; that objective being the construction of a website which is pleasing to look at. Although much research on the lanuages were done, I still lacked a complete understanding and, subsequently, was unable to do all that which I sought to do. In this final project, I create a website which serves as a hub to a compilation of projects which I, and the class, have worked on throughout the course. The links to these works are all compiled on the left side of the website, labeled with the names of the assignments/projects. I hope this serves as a pleasant rundown of all which I have done in the course this trimester, and may more be added in the future. (Please do note that the website is very rugged and is held together by very primitive code. For this reason, the website's contents may vary depending on screen resolution/size. basically, the website looks awful on a chromebook, but awesome on my computer.)